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KDelmé Hairdressing provides a full service from Cutting, Styling, Colour and Rituals, through to Keratin Treatments and Hair Extension services, all our Pricing reflects the skills and training involved in maintaining our high level of quality. We also do offer Promotions through the year, so please check for anything that may apply to you.

A full consultation is provided on every visit to the salon, so all your personal needs and requirements can be discussed and the hair style/colour can be designed to meet your requirements for look/style and lifestyle. Our salon stocks a full  range of hair care products and appliances as well.



Hair Cutsfrom

Ladies – Kaarina Hamilton103

Ladies – Creative Stylist93

Ladies – Artistic Stylist83

Men’s – Kaarina Hamilton71

Men’s – Creative Stylist67

Men’s – Artistic Stylist63

Girls (12 and under)60

Boys (12 and under)50


Blow Wave:52

BW with Extensions:25 extra charge

Upstyle (per hour)102

Wedding StylesUpon Consultation


Kaarina Hamilton +10 on below

Regrowth 90

Semi S: 85 / M: 105 / L: 125

Permanent S: 105 / M: 120 / L: 140


Kaarina Hamilton +10 on below

Top Section S: 100 / M: 115 / L: 130

1/2 Head Foils S: 115 / M: 130 / L: 145

Full Head S: 155 / M: 170 / L: 190

Balayage Upon Consultation


Luxury Ritual39


Speciality Services

Great Lengths Hair Extensions

30cm Length – (26 Colour’s)
Per Strand 12.00
80 Strands 960

40cm Length – (44 Colour’s)
Per Strand 14.50
80 Strands 1160

50cm Length – (43 Colour’s)
Per Strand 16.00
80 Strands 1280

Removal 120 p/h

Tape Hair Extensions

GL Apps (Tape) – (35 Colour’s)
1 Pkt 25cm: 135 / 35cm: 165 / 45cm: 185
4 Pkts 35cm: 660 / 45cm: 740
5 Pkts 35cm: 825 / 45cm: 925

Resetting 170

Keratin Treatments

Short 250
Medium 300
Long 350

Click here for current Keratin Promotion


  1. A minimum of 24 hours cancellation notice is appreciated we DO NOT and never will charge our clients a cancellation fee. So if you do need to cancel we understand and as much notice would be wonderful. But if less than 24 hours notice is given, we do reserve the right to charge you a non-refundable deposit before accepting any future appointments.
  2. All No Show appointments will be required to 50% of the missed appointment and pay a non-refundable deposit for any future appointments.
  3. All new clients who book and then cancel an appointment will be required to pay a non-refundable deposit for their next appointment.
  4. Any client who cancels 2 appointments in row, will have all future appointments cancelled and will be required to pay a deposit for any future appointments.
  5. Any appointments 3hours or over in length will require a non-refundable deposit.
  6. We reserve the right to cancel non-confirmed appointments at any time.
  7. We quote on all services prior to commencement.
  8. Although every attempt is taken, we accept no responsibility for damages incurred to garments during services within the salon.
  9. Complimentary consultations are available.
  10. All prices are subject to change without notice and are inclusive of GST as of July 2021.

Great Lengths Hair Extensions utilises 100% human hair of the highest quality. The Remy Hair is sourced from Indian temples in virgin condition – meaning that the hair has never been treated, bleached or coloured.

Bonding Method


Keratin method of bonding, patented by Great Lengths is of the highest technology. The keratin is a polymer compound whose molecular structure is very similar to that of human hair and respects its same properties and alterations.


The second bonding method is based on the tape system. These tape extensions from Great Lengths are called GLApps, and are just amazing.


A full consultation (which is free) is needed before any Great Lengths applications, to work out quantity, length and colour. With 4 lengths of 30cm, 40cm, 50cm and 60cm (NOTE: the GLApps come in 40cm), and up to 29 colours, this process is a necessity to ensure the highest quality result and the best satisfaction for our clients.

Care and Maintenance

Some care and maintenance tips for ensuring the highest quality results:

  1. Don’t wash hair for up to 48 hours after application
  2. Towel pat dry
  3. Detangle from mid lengths to ends avoiding scalp area
  4. Use a medium to low heat when blow drying
  5. Always braid or pull back hair when sleeping, swimming etc
  6. Brush 2-3 times daily with Great Lengths Brush
  7. Heat appliances – Use a thermal protector product and keep away from the bonds
  8. Great Lengths will last in the hair for up to six months, if looked after.

Qualified Technicians

Creative Director – Kaarina Hamilton

• Great Lengths Hair Extensions
• Tape Hair Extensions
• ShowPony Hair Extensions
• With 15 Years of Application Experience

Creative Stylist – Emily Koski

• Great Lengths Hair Extensions
• Tape Hair Extensions
• With 2 Years of Application Experience

GHair Keratin Treatment

Introducing out latest and strongest treatment, the G.Hair. This powerful volume reduction treatment, is ideal to tame even the most rebellious type of hair, combining the realignment of hairs to an expressive replenishment of keratin that eliminates the porous aspect, transforming opaque and rough hair into silky smooth and shiny hair.

The end result from this treatment, is hair that feels soft to touch and more radiant shine and will allow you to spend less time styling your hair.

Why the GHair Treatment?

  1. Not damaging and no harsh chemicals
  2. Results are instant!
  3. No need to wait 72 hours
  4. The minute you leave the salon, you can wash your hair, wear a pony tail, use clips and pins and it will be more relaxed, smooth, frizz free and EXTREMELY radiant!

Note: If recommended products aren’t used, results cannot be guaranteed.


GHair $220.00* Promotion

GHair is our No.1 selling keratin treatment, and up to 95% defrizzing is the reason why. Why would you want anything else when GHair can give you that smooth, defrizzed hair that you have always wanted.

This keratin treatment  is one of the biggest things in the market currently and this keratin treatment has the amazing advantage of no more 3 day wait to wash your hair, in fact no waiting at all to wash your hair. This amazing product is available for only $220.00 for all hair lengths.

We are a Certified Salon for the GHair, and our very experienced staff have provided this service for thousand’s of very satisfied clients.

*NO other discounts apply.

For more information about the Keratin Services, please see our Keratin Section

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