Hair Expo 2014
Atanga Collection
Creative Director / Revlon Professional Guest Artist

My inspiration behind my shoot was to create a picture of natural earthly beauty by enhancing that natural splendour of the models natural individual look and persona.

Enhancing the hair with colours chosen to embellish a more natural tonal finish with a soft splash of pastel colours to create a sense of freedom within the hair, whilst maintaining a natural sophisticated look and enhancements to enlighten the creativity in the viewer.

Colourist – Kaarina Hamilton

Hairdresser – Kaarina Hamilton

Photographer – Alicia Fox

Make Up Artist – Ellie Mansfield

Stylists – Kaarina Hamilton & Helen Billingham

Models – Claire MacDiarmid, Shannen-Lee Nolan, Shanay Hayden, Jacqueline du Plessis and Indra Willis

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