Revolt Collection ~ AHFA 2013

Kaarina Hamilton

Creative Director / Revlon Professional Guest Artist

This collection is from a real passionate time and era that has always inspired me in the way I portray myself and the Collection name “Revolt” meaning “to break away from or rise against constituted norms” is to showcase this to all by a combination of femininity and high fashion while still retaining the toughness and masculinity that punk and it’s rebellious nature has been known for, since it started out back in the 70’s.

Hairdresser ~ Kaarina Hamilton

Photographer ~ Tom Lau

Make Up Artist ~ Biché Kolesnikoff & Dina Fujimoto

Stylist ~ Kaarina Hamilton

Assistants ~ Helen Billingham & Jacqueline Crawford

Models ~ Stephanie Wicks, Ellise Laforce, Jacqueline Du Plessis, Sian Malony, Melinda Wicks and Elizabeth Pearson