Darren-Webster-2013-Men’s-Hairdresser-of-the-Year-Finalist Top Knot Trend Mens62014 isn’t even here yet but the trends that are coming are already starting to sneak in now, and for once there are quite a few different trends in both cut/styling and colour coming through this coming season, and the big plus is that some are in complete contradiction to each other which is very unusual for coming trends. But for once gives us some great diversity in what we we’ll be seeing.

For once we have a very freestyle orientated trend which is showing through on fashion runways and some overseas magazines with one big example being a lot of top knots starting to be seen, but this season not just in woman’s styling but in men’s styling as well, one of the first cross gender trends we have seen in quite some time that is current for both genders at the same time. This along with a stronger season of low pony tails than was showing in the Fall of 2013, but for this season modified a little more with a lot more variations from ultra-low to messy to slick and neat, and with an added feel of the 60’s.

Low Pony Tail TrendA big addition also this season to both the low pony tail as well in general is what has been described as “a boyish approach to feminine hair” and is the voluminous side part, again another cross gender trend but which has crossed over from men’s styling a season apart, but these are being also seen with addition of braids for a more feminine take.

Soft waved hairstyles for spring 2014 present themselves as entirely effortless; these aren’t Hollywood perfect waves in so much as waves with a bit of texture and tousle, worn either with a side part or centre part and perfect for both shorter and longer hair.

Full Fringe TrendAnother continuation over the past few seasons is the full fringe (love these) but this season has added a lot more of a grungy feel to it, showing softer sweeping fringes, a peek-a-boo length but very soft and very undone finish.

Hair accessories this season are big and strong in style with this being highlighted with a lot of leather accessories from headbands to turbans using this to evoke a mix of old-world elegance and a modern toughness.

In colour the strong trend coming through is that the colours are back to clean, blondes have moved from being more honey blondes to a very clean creamy, platinum blonde and browns are shifting to a more golden hue.

Panel Colour TrendTonal Colour TrendA bigger trend that has slowly been building is panel colouring, with strong contrasting feature pieces to enhance the feature of the style and cut. On the flip side is the strong tonal colour trend (our absolute favorite colour trend in a long time) that is slowly getting some leverage, where vibrant and strong colours are used through the majority of the hair but all the colours are different tones of the same colour hue, to enhance the texture and style.

As you can see from the images the coming trends a very diversified, but can create some amazing looks and we can’t wait to see them come through the salon. If your interested have a chat to your stylist about what we can do for you 🙂

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