Well for us 2013 was an amazing year of change, challenges and achievements. What else could you ask for in a year.

Bohemian ShootOver the year, we brought on a whole new team (Helen, Emma and Jacqueline, ok technically Emma started with us in 2012, but we sponsored her in 2013), to provide all our clients with a higher skill level and customer service that they deserve, we were involved in fashion shows for ghd and Kevin.Murphy in Sydney (three times) and in Melbourne, we had Helen finish her Session.Salon training with Kevin.Murphy and achieve her Gold.Key status within that group.

We had Kaarina travelling north and south around the country to provide training for Revlon Professional courses in Brisbane, Melbourne and of course Sydney, as well as working with Revlon Professionals guest artists (currently 3 of the top hairdressers globally) that they had brought out from Spain for Hair Expo and then working with ghd’s Australian Creative Director Alan White again to recreate the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week styles from earlier in the year for a ghd Showcase Event, add that to fashion shows mentioned earlier, and Kaarina has been exceptionally busy, (so not overwhelmed at all, lol) but absolutely loving the challenges it brings.
Australian Hairdressing Council

Also Dwayne is working closely with the ahc (Australian Hairdressing Council) to help bring up the business awareness to salons and support for them to bring up in skill level and knowledge within our industry, and with a bigger role planned for 2014.

Probably the biggest interest from our clients is towards our photography shoots, and this year we a little quieter on that front due to Kaarina being tied up with Fashion and Education, so Helen powered through 75% of the photoshoot work that we did in 2013 and she delivered some amazing imagery to help add to the salons portfolio, with Kaarina and Jacqueline finishing off the remainder.

Here is a quick video showcasing 2013.

So a very busy and exciting year was had by all, is 2014 going to be any different. Yes, it’s going to be bigger and better, we can’t wait and with the team we have now, we can’t wait.

Last but not least, a big thank you to all that has supported us through 2013.

Our suppliers – Ozdare, Kevin.Murphy, Revlon Professional, Bangstyle, Great Lengths and ghd
Our amazing team – Helen, Emma and Jacqueline
Our very talented photo shoot teams –
Photographers: Tom Lau, Johan Westen, Alicia Fox and Steve Wall;
Make Up Artists: Caro Line from CF Creative, Alysha Maree Bishop, Nataša Colo, Ellie Mansfield;
Models: Joshua Vuong, Matthew Eriksson, Steph Wicks, Elie Laforce, Erin Victoria Holland, Till Finnegan, Emily Clay, Yvonne Amores, India, Nora, Nine Cooke, Luke Hoole, Jacqueline Du Plessis & Caitlyn;
Clothing Brands: Gosh, White Runway and Surbala;

Thank you all for everything ♥

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