Wow, what a year it has been and we still have 3 months to go. This year Kaarina was given her biggest opportunity ever, she was able to design and create her own Educational Colour Course, and the run this course in collaboration with Revlon Professional.

An absolute massive honour.

promotion-image-square-500Now originally this course, since it was only the first time it was running was supposed to be held once in Sydney and once in Melbourne. But due to massive response from hairdressers out there, she has ended up teaching this course 7 times now since late June.

Three times up here in Sydney (last one on Monday), 3 times down in Melbourne and once all the way down in Hobart. She got to clock up some serious Frequent Flyer miles, but even with all the flying, all the early morning flights in, and late flights out. It’s been an experience she would trade for nothing.

The feeling and the rush she got from standing in front of a group of Colourists and seeing them soak up all the information and techniques that you have created and then seeing them put all this into practice is irreplaceable in the feeling it gives.

Not bad for girl who owns a small boutique hair salon down in Miranda, NSW.

This goes to show, with a lot of determination, a lot of work and a amazing brand like Revlon Professional, that those dreams can and do come true :-)

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