This will be our second year supporting this great cause, and personally there is no better way to support it than making CUP CAKES, and after last years amazing contributions from all our clients, family and friends we were able to raise an amazing $528.00.

So this year we’d like to better that, so we are going all out with cupcakes. We’ll be running a cupcake week and a bit from Saturday 11th August 2012 through till Monday 20th August 2012 (the official RSPCA CupCake Day), but if you aren’t coming in for an appointment around that time, please still feel free to make a donation, and just let us know how many cupcakes you’d like and we’ll keep them aside for you to pick up during that week.

All staff are going to be testing their skills out, and Jess is going to be making cupcakes for the animals, where the rest of us will be baking them for the human consumption. To donate online please go here.

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