If you have been coming to our salon for a while now, you’d  have photo-(21)-blogseen (what we call) our “Wall of Fame”, well to be honest it is pretty hard to miss now with over 30+ images on it. Where the team get to showcase their photoshoots that they have been part of and all from the last 24 months. But we do get asked a lot now, why do we do them, and what are they for?

First off I need to explain what the main types of photoshoots their are and what they represent to our staff and salon:

  1. Hairdressing Competitions – all the big hairdressing competitions are photography based in some form, so if you want to win a comp you need to do the photo’s.
  2. For a Fashion label – we have done a few shoots for fashion labels who need imagery for their websites and/or lookbooks, a really good way to build some industry creed and met other creatives
  3. Portfolio Work – this is probably one of the bigger sections we do, where staff are doing set styles of work to pad out the Portfolio to make it easier to get into bigger and better shoots
  4. Test Shoots – currently for Helen and Jacqueline this is their biggest area of work, where it’s about learning the skills and getting the experience to move on some of the bigger shoots.
  5. Advertising – well we see it every day, but a lot of people forget that everyone one of those models needs to be styled. That’s where we come in

On our wall we currently have a collection of all of these different types of images and to be honest most people struggle to work out which category the photos actually full into, due to the high standard of work, and as the skills of the staff continually grow its get’s harder to differentiate between them all and which stylist did which photo.

But the main reason why we do these sort of photoshoots, mostly in our own time, at our own expense, is to showcase our skills and be involved with some amazing people, but most of all is to allow us to be creative. As that is why most of us actually got into this industry for, to create intense, mad, electrifying and just plain amazing hair! Photoshoots allow us to free that demon from the cage, and the work on the wall speaks for itself.

As our reputation and skills continue to grow, so does the complexity of the shoots that we are doing. For example on Sunday we just completed out our most complex shoot to date, 6 models, 4 Hair Stylist, 2 Make Up Artists, and of course 1 Photographer (can’t forget the Photographer – Tom Lau). After 2 months of planning, rehearsing and practicing (lots and lots of practicing ), we started at 8am for Kaarina’s entry for the AHFA 2014 Awards and finally, at 5:15pm that afternoon we finished this long and intense but highly rewarding day for all those involved.

Oh yeah, and we got some amazing shots to. But unfortunately due to this being a competition entry we can’t show you any of those shots until the finalists are announced, but below we’ve showcased a few of our photoshoots from the last 2 years, we hope you enjoy them as much as we do 🙂

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