As a few on our Facebook page have seen, or if you’ve spotted the photo’s on our wall in the salon, the staff have been really busy taking part in fashion shows and photo shoots, lots of photo shoots. With work just finishing on a  lookbook for an up and coming legging designer FireHosiery and also about to work with CloverLove  again for the new collection in both imagery and video.

Which will be amazing, with our first video being made and we can’t wait to do this 🙂

If you want to see some BTS (behind the scenes) and see a bigger range of our completed work, come and like us on our Facebook page as we put it all there, but if you want just a quick snippet have a look at our gallery section, as we put a reasonable amount in their as well.

Plus you’ll get to see some sneak peaks at our American Crew shoot coming up, trust me they always are a great thing to see, as well as our coming collection shoot. So come join us 🙂

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