What an amazing couple of days for our Creative Stylist – Helen this week down in Melbourne. First off was coping with the early morning flight on a Sunday, these things are never good at the best of times, let alone on Sunday. But this trip was a special one, so let’s not let an early morning rise get in the road.

Once arriving in gorgeous Melbourne, it was straight to the Ozdare Academy to start training.

Day 1: Presentation Training.

image(1)Always one of the scariest and hardest things to do is presentation training, let alone the presentations that usually go with it. But Helen nailed it, as we knew she would. Still lots to work on, but that is what training is all about.

Then at the end of a full day of this, the group of 8 was presented with an achievement which is extremely rare here in Australia their Platinum.Key. This new level is the Kevin.Murphy education system is an invite only education path, not everyone can even get to be a part of it. This group was selected from all around Australia from all the Gold.Key qualified stylist who had completed the Kevin.Murphy Session.Salon training.

For Helen this is the highlight of her career and a massive confirmation that she has that something special needed to be one of the top stylist in Australia. Now just to get over the nerves of presenting in front of someone. Pfft like that is ever, ever going to happen.

A huge congrats from all of us at KDelme Hairdressing (Kaarina, Dwayne & Emma), a huge thanks to Ozdare (Matthew and his team) and Kevin.Murphy (Nathan, Jess, Wade & James) for giving her this absolutely amazing opportunity. I don’t think you realise how much this meant to her and we just can’t thank you enough.

Day 2: Styling Training

Then it was onto Day 2 and the styling training, always the fun stuff. All of this training was in preparation for starting the process for doing in-salon training. Which is teaching Kevin.Murphy techniques and skill with the salon environment instead of at an education facility.

Again another amazing day to finished off an already amazing weekend.

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