It’s a stressful time for us at the moment, not from work; but because we are currently running through our big industry competition time. With so far Gen Next video competition for Helen and the AHFA competition for Kaarina announcing finalist and winners over the past week and then in 3 weeks the big competition gets announced, the Hair Expo 2014 finalists.

What Are These Competitions?

So Helen put together an amazing video in January to try and compete for spot on the Gen Next team working with one of the idols of our industry Sharon Blain. This team puts together a fashion/hair show on the 2nd night of the Hair Expo weekend in June, in front of thousands of other hairdressers from around the country. It’s a great opportunity for up and coming hairdressers to strut their stuff with some of the best from around the country.

Unfortunately Helen didn’t make it through this year, but the experience of putting her first video together was totally invaluable, so here is a copy for you all to see and she is already planning for next year:

Then way back in October last year, Kaarina completed her entry for the AHFA (Australian Hair Fashion Awards) Avant Garde section, with the Finalists announce last Thursday the 13th. Even with the amazing team we had on the day, the competition this year was top notch and Kaarina missed out. But here are some of the images from that amazing shoot:

avant_garde_Kaarina_Hamilton_image01     avant_garde_Kaarina_Hamilton_image02     avant_garde_Kaarina_Hamilton_image04 avant_garde_Kaarina_Hamilton_image03     avant_garde_Kaarina_Hamilton_image05      avant_garde_Kaarina_Hamilton_image06
Some of the people involved in this shoot were: Hair Stylist: Kaarina Hamilton, Photographer: Tom Lau, MUA’s: Biché Kolesnikoff & Dina Fujimoto, Models: Stephanie Wicks, Ellise Laforce, Jacqueline Du Plessis, Sian Malony, Melinda Wicks, Elizabeth Pearson and Hair Assistants: Helen Billingham, Jacqueline Crawford. Very big team I know. But this is what it takes 🙂

Now we are all in waiting phase for the 11th March, the big day when they announce the Finalists for Australia’s biggest and most preeminent hair awards; Hair Expo 2014. This is culmination of 15 years of work, skills, time and effort, all brought into one 6 photo collection and a submission on what you’ve provided to the industry.


We can’t wait, nervous (actually very nervous), but we can’t wait.

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