Well it’s that time of the season in our industry where all the award competitions start announcing the Finalists and Winners for the year. Currently our industry has 3 different sets of awards, you have (here come all the acronyms) the AHFA – Australian Hair Fashion Awards, the AHIA – Australian Hair Industry Awards and the Hair Expo Awards.

This year was the first year we have entered all 3 of these award competitions, with Kaarina entering the AHFA for Creative Colourist of the Year and NSW Hairdresser of the Year, Dwayne and Kaarina entering the AHIA for the State Salon of the Year and Director/Manager of the Year, and finally Kaarina entering Hair Expo for Creative Colourist of the Year and Dwayne entering Hair Expo for Salon of the Year.

Seriously long list of entries, lots of photographs, planning, submission and a long, long time in front of the computer designing and writing. But it’s all worth it for us, as the ride is just an amazing experience.

So the big question is how did we go. Well this year at the AHFA unfortunately Kaarina didn’t achieve a finalist position. But at the bottom of this post are some of the images that she entered in, let us know what you think.

With Hair Expo, unfortunately the finalists aren’t announced for another 2 weeks, but the AHIA, well that was another story. We were announced as Finalists in both State Salon of the Year and Director/Manager of the Year, which was just an amazing result and put the whole team on cloud nine. Not bad for a small suburban salon like ours.

Then on Sunday 15th March we headed up to Brisbane for the Winners of the AHIA and wow what a night. So much fun and great to catch up with so many old friends and we made so many new friends. But how did we go, well unfortunately that is where all the good news ends. This year we missed out of both awards, but being a finalist for us was an amazing achievement and allows us to really put together a top notch award for next year.

So till the 31st when we have the Hair Expo announcements, enjoy 😆


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