Well we thought 2013 was busy, were we so wrong. 2014 was just absolutely crazy, and it currently looks like 2015 is going to be even worse/better depending on how you look at it. So lets have a look back at some of the amazing things our team got up to in 2014

AnaliaPaino_HannaYeadon28Our new team settles in really and everything just boomed from there. We concentrated on trying to create the best salon experience we could to all our clients with a higher skill level and customer service that they deserve. This is and always will be on the top of our list when it comes to our clients.

So we had 3 of our team direct hair shows this year, 2 (Helen & Emma) for the first time, we were involved in fashion shows for ghd and Kevin.Murphy in Sydney (three times), we had Kaarina finish her Session.Salon training with Kevin.Murphy and achieve her Gold.Key status within that group and Emma start her own journey towards this goal.

We had Kaarina travelling north and south around the country to provide training for Revlon Professional courses in Brisbane, Melbourne, Tasmania and of course Sydney, as well as working with Revlon Professionals guest artists X-Presions that they had brought out from Spain for the amazing show in Sydney called Ssshhh, where she also got to work with some of the top hairdressers in Australia, including two Australian Hairdresser’s of the Year.

Then Helen also got on the travel journey, with her being invited by the Kevin.Murphy brand to start her training process as an Educator (hopefully, has pass a lot of testing in there first). But since then she has been to Melbourne twice and assisted on numerous Kevin.Murphy course here in  Sydney.

On top of all that, Kaarina and Helen also got to work with ghd’s Australian Creative Director Alan White again to recreate the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week styles from earlier in the year for a ghd Showcase Event, add that to fashion shows mentioned earlier, and the team has been exceptionally busy.Australian Hairdressing Council

But this year just wasn’t big for our styling team, Dwayne also got in on the act by being appointed to the Board of Directors of the ahc (Australian Hairdressing Council), with the aim to help bring up the business awareness of salons and help support them to bring up the skill level and knowledge within our industry. So a massive achievement there.

As for our clients though, the biggest interest is towards our photography shoots, and this year was no different with Kaarina targeting competition shoots in 2014 and Helen targeting editorial and again the work produced was just amazing, as can be seen below.

So a very busy and exciting year was had by all, is 2015 going to be any different. Yes, it’s going to be bigger and better, we can’t wait and with the team we have now, the sky is the limit on what we’ll achieve.

Last but not least, a big thank you to all that has supported us through 2014.

Our suppliers – Ozdare, Kevin.Murphy, Revlon Professional, Bangstyle, Great Lengths and ghd
Our amazing team – Helen and Emma
Plus all our photographers, makeup artists and models that have helped us create our visions this year

But most of all, a huge thank you to our clients, because without you we wouldn’t be here living our dreams.

Thank you all for everything ♥


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