556742_563249567045605_662657546_nIn our last post we mentioned that Kaarina and Helen were both working at this amazing 2 day fashion event as part of the Kevin.Murphy Styling team under direction of Kevin Murphy who came out from the US for the event and Nathan Gorman (Asia/Pacific Style.Master).

As normal for Myers with their fashion shows, this event was massive, with over 40+ models, makeup artists, hairstylists, production crew, staff, caterers and not to mention the hundreds of people and celebs that came to watch the show itself.

This year was a bit different as it was a 2 day event, Kaarina worked Day 1 and Helen on Day 2, with Day 1 doing 2 shows, 1 for the media and a 2nd for the celebrities and Day 2 being made up of 2 shows both for the consumers to see. Now you’d think with doing 2 shows both days, that they’d be the same setup process but no.

Day 1 had a 6am call time where Day 2 started at the amazingly civilised time of 1pm. Weird we know.

Below we’ve post some nice Behind The Scene photo’s to show what actually goes on in the background to make an event which in this case was 25mins long.

As you can see the the quality of work that Kaarina and now Helen are generating and how much they get involved in this high level of hairdressing, just reinforces that success that Kaarina has made as being the top hair stylist not only in the Miranda area, but in the Sutherland Shire as well, and Helen is not far behind.

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